When you're driving a semi at about 65 mph, you probably don't want anyone to pull out in front of you. Especially another semi.

But driver Randy Rein (or Reine, the CBC can't decide) managed to pull off some seriously skilled avoidance maneuvers last month in Saskatoon. He was on the city's Highway 16, doing "about 110", when Muggins in the white semi decided he'd waited long enough. So ...


Well done, Mr. Reine. Also well done on not pummeling the twat.

According to the guy who posted the video (from the LiveLeak comment stream):

I am the General Manager of the company that the driver in the burgundy Pete works for. I am also the poster of the original video. The video is filmed with a fish eye lens, it makes the distance look further than it is. This driver has over 30 years of experience and is a fantastic operator! There was less than 2 seconds from when he realized that the white truck was not turning into the right lane but rather crossing in front of him. At this point he did a full brake application which can be heard in the video. He had the full right of way and was paying attention to the traffic flow. The driver of the white truck was 100% in the wrong. That truck also appeared to be in a private farm truck and the driver was ancient-looking as per my driver's description. He was completely belligerent to my driver and told him to F OFF!!! Our guy did everything perfect in avoiding the accident. He was not speeding as the speed limit is 110 KPH and all of our company trucks are limited at 110 KPH. He moved into the left lane to allow the white truck room to turn onto the highway, he managed to keep a set of double trailers straight during an emergency stop, he did not hit anyone and kept his cool in a very bad situation. I have driven class 1 for many years and honestly don't know if I would have had a such a good outcome. As for all of the armchair critics, I hope this ends the criticism of a driver who should be commended! For the supporters, thanks for your understanding of the situation and the positive comments.