I have successfully installed the front coilovers on my car! Since this process was a lot more time consuming than there was daylight left, I decided to save the rear ones for tomorrow. Plus I had skipped lunch so the hunger pains were killing me. Minimal cuts and I’m not too dirty, so mission success! I had a good amount of trouble figuring out how exactly to get the old shocks out but eventually got it. It took half as long to do the second one. Tomorrow will be day 2 (and hopefully last) of coilover install.

Ended up using the spring compressor sticks that I bought, so it was a good last minute purchase. I followed a “no spring compressor needed” method but it was just easier to use them. Very time consuming though to undo them. This is quite the learning experience though. And not as technically difficult as I thought.

Oh and a work on progress shot along the way: