I have done it! I have finished the installation of my Flyin Miata Vmaxx Coilovers. It may have taken me 2 arduous days, 2 broken jacks, many small hand cuts, and skipped meals. But I have finally done it! In the same vein as yesterday, the first one took like 3 hours to complete and the second one was done within an hour. Crazy how much you learn by just going at it.

The biggest problem I faced was right here, the interference between the helper spring and the shaft coming from the differential. At the lowest setting, I couldn’t adjust the height without running into that shaft. So I had to raise the height adjuster before installing the assembly. However, this made alignment of the shock into the top hole very difficult. So this means that I cannot put the car any lower than it is. I am good with that though since I plan to raise it more anyways.

This spring from the rear was definitely pretty rusty. Can’t imagine that is too good for it. I didn’t get a picture of the shocks, but the bumpstops were dry rotted to hell and overall were much worse looking than the fronts. Would explain my squirrelly handling. So so much better now!


There was no long bolt in the rear which was nice. Similar but much smaller and not 21mm so removal was simpler. I only had a breaker bar with a 21mm socket (1/2 inch) and a wrench. However, my ratchet is 3/8 so I could not use the 21mm with that. Would be of value to obtain a 1/2 inch ratchet at some point!


I only took a short drive through some local twisties to test it out. Even with my snow tires and a relaxed pace, I can tell that these are going to be fun on mountain roads and autox. And they are comfortable enough for all of my street driving. I cannot wait until I can put on my summer tires around the end of March (I'm moving to Virginia for 2 months, so I'll be escaping winter for sure!).