Coilovers and you.

The impossible happend. The unicorn of rainbows spread aparth thy clouds and entered the human realm. A light shone upon me from the heavens above. Somebody a 2.5hr drive away listed up a set of coilovers, for my Escort. A set of KW even. Had a nagging idea his price would be super high compared to a cheaper brand, but asked anyway.

He suggested 200$. For a pair of 950$ coilovers.

Safe to say, i was ready to goooooo. 5 hours in a car? PSH, no issue. Last 2 longer trips i’ve been on a car broke down? PISSSSSH, who cares, part of roadtripping. I inquire about the missing top spring cap on the rear damper, he doesn’t have them, but it’s barely done any miles/looks brand new. So i ask if he’s home tomorrow so i can come get them, set up a time and all.


Skip to now, 10 mins before i was supposed to leave, sitting around, printing out the TÜV doc, i look over the image of the coilovers once more. Why are they missing the top eye. Why isn’t there the bracket on the front struts?

oh yeah, because they’re for a newer Escort ofcourse.

Oh well. I message him that i spotted they won’t fit, they’re for a newer model, find out KW’s website lists the same set for new/old escort(wrong) but their .net site lists correct split in 1995 models(good)

And thus unfolded the story of why i won’t kill underbody parts and oil pans. For now...

TL;DR: Look twice, compare thrice, measure once for good luck, and stop getting hyped.

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