(Last RAM post for a while I swear) My first truck was bought brand new and I put “vent visors” on it. LOVED them. Being able to crack the window when it was raining? ACES.

Second truck I ever owned? Had them on it too. They were broken so I took them off, but still counts.

Cut to last week when I signed the lease on a black RAM. “I’m gonna want vent visors” I said to myself.

Because parking it all day in the sun is no good for the interior, or the dash cameras. At least in other cars I had better colors to ward off heat, sunroofs to crack open, etc. Plus I think visors only look good on larger vehicles.


Well Mopar ones are stick on type, eww. AVS Ventshades that clip into the window channels had somewhat negative reviews on the Amazons.... but then I found these EGR (i mean they technically recirculate an exhaust gas, right?) visors on Amazon. Great reviews, they fit into the channel, easy install, and look great.

They make *some* noise as the windows roll up and contact them, but fit great and I only got a tiny bit of extra wind noise on the highway. I only put them on a few hours ago, so we’ll see how they hold up.


Link to the Amazon if interested