Our congress has been very active of late. They approved the Domestic Security Law (Ley de Seguridad Interna) they got rid of political inmunity (Fuero Politico).

They are right now legislating a new electoral provision that would have us have a second round of elections (segunda vuelta) in which only the two most popular candidates compete if one doesn’t get more than 50% the first time.

In some polls Obrador has close to 40% of the vote, a twitter poll says if it was an Obrador vs Anaya only (the second place) 70% of those polled would vote for Anaya. Nevermind that Obrador has filled his party with questionable people who would benefit from political immunity.

Who’s pushing the second round? Senators from PAN, Anaya’s party....

We also just updated our FTA with the European Union...almost 100% tariff free. Conveniently as our currency just lost 4.5% of value after the disastrous debate and after Trump asked to put migratory standards in NAFTA.

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