Winter... a long and treacherous road. At times the end can seem so far away—almost non-existent.

Honestly... The cold sucks. You know it. I know it. So let's just move past that. If you are a car, the cold is more than just an irritation. The cold seems to be a hateful destructive force that is intent on breaking you. Around freezing and below our batteries will be opperating at well below peak efficiency... Oil thickens... Everything wet freezes... Etc... etc.

Freezing temperatures can be a test for our cars and the state they are in. Weak battery? Alternator bad? Using summer blend oil? Water for coolant? Good luck getting your car running. But for most of us here on oppo, we tend to care enough to avoid most of these common issues.

Regardless though, winter is tough on any car and over the years, I've grown to hate what winter does to cars. I've broken things off of my cars, including a rear view windshield wiper off my late VW. I've watched in horror, as the rust slowly took a hold of my late Jeep. And so on. F you, Salt. Seriously. F you.


This winter was tough as any other... Maybe even more so. One of the worst in recent years and I for one am ready for spring to adorn us with rainbows, sunshine, and flowers... Oh, the flowers and their meadows! But despite my (NC) side of the Smokies's temperature getting into the 60s/70s earlier this very month; we were all reminded last week—winter is not yet over.

I know it can be worst in other parts of the country/world, but when the wind chill drops into the double digit negatives and the mountain roads are all covered with ice, I begin to wonder why I didn't move to a more tropical area instead.


Oh yeah. That's why. ^

On the coldest day of the year, I had to start my Miata up for work. It started, although reluctantly, but soon after driving my check engine light came on. I was very low on fuel and nothing seemed wrong, so I filled up and continued driving for a few days.


A few days later, I arrived home after a mandatory drift session to get up the mountain road leading to my house. It really was mandatory. The only way up the ice covered road is to apply speed, throttle control, steering precision, and maybe a little luck. After making it up, I finally decided to indulge my engine by checking it. I popped the hood and checked around a bit, but nothing out of the ordinary. I dropped my hood, which as any Miata owner should know is the ONLY way, as our aluminum hoods are easily bent out of shape by pushing them close. That aside, I turned off the engine, locked up and went inside, planning to have a shop clear the check engine light at some point.

Next day comes. I go to start my car. It starts right up, and the check engine light is no more! How's that for anticlimactic?!


The moral of the story? Check your engine, when it asks... Sometimes it just wants a little attention. Now, I do figure that it had much to do with the temperatures rising back to a more reasonable 30ish degrees, but even still.

Go forth and give your engines a little pat on their headers today. They deserve it. See! Look how happy my Miata is! Although, this picture was taken in the summer ;)


*All photos have been taken by me and their rights are my own. I hope you enjoyed, thank you!