Cold weather makes loving cars tough

As the temps drop I find myself driving in 40 degree weather with my window down and heat blasting just so I can hear my exhaust instead of just the muffled vibrations through the sound deadening. One month after setting up my exhaust to perfection (for me) I have to start riding windows up so random pedestrians get to enjoy the soundtrack while I’m sealed up inside.

Sure, cold starts sound great, but sitting my ass down into an ice cold leather seat and hunching over an ice cold leather steering wheel as I baby the TL to speed is not as enjoyable.


Don’t even get me started on road salt...well I’ll just add that 2 of my last 3 vehicles were destroyed by rust. And although the TL is certainly better rustproofed than a 3rd gen 4Runner, it’s still a 12 year old Japanese car.

The biggest unknown is how the snow hooning will be, this being my first fwd car (besides a brief stint with a 300m that I’d rather forget). I guess I’ll find an open lot and get a little bold with the ebrake and see what happens...


Did I miss any other cold weather annoyances of being a car guy?

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