College Advice: Is my Idea a bad idea or a smart one?

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As most all of you know, I do not like living in Florida. As tempting as going to the local community college is, I do not have at least another two years in me. The schools I want to go to out of state cost a small fortune, and for the business degree I want to get, I can’t justify it. I had this idea the other night and wanted to know if it’s clever or just plain stupid.


The first step involves graduating high school here. That isn’t going to be a problem for me. I’m on track to graduate like every other kid and may even have done enough specific courses to get a higher tiered diploma.

Next step would involve moving up to New Jersey. I have family there and know some people so it wouldn’t be too bad. My grandma (who I would be staying close to) is right next to a rather good community college. This would be my plan:

1) Stay in New Jersey for 1 year to gain residency. During this year I could get a full time job and actually save some money up.


2) Go to this local community college for two years.

3) Using the community college’s DE program, I can earn credits and then transfer after two years to the school I wanted to get into


4) Attend The College of New Jersey for only two years due to credit transfer.

Doing this would save me a lot of money. The in-state bonus alone saves me around $10K a year. But staying at the community college for two years would in theory save me about $30,000. And I would also have worked for a year and hopefully made some money doing a full time job.


Is this just a terrible idea? Am I crazy? People say that I’m too smart to waste my time at a community college, but in all honesty I don’t see the point of going into debt to pay off student loans; especially when no jobs are guaranteed anymore. I want to try and take one of the cheaper alternatives and get out of Florida.

Obviously there is risk in waiting a year to go to college. I could lose interest entirely or render all of my hard work in AP and DE High School courses useless. But, on the flip side, if I get a good job out of high school, I might only need to do two years at the local community college....


Thanks for your feedback and input.

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