College Car, An Oppositelock Poll

Picture of my Civic I greatly miss, all 2.8 miles I drove of it.

So this August I’m off to college at Northern Michigan University, and I’m looking for a car to bring along with me. It has to be simple, able hold things, be relatively interesting, and cheap.

Before I get the, “You don’t need a car in college that’s just a waste of money!” shpeel, I don’t see myself living without a car for an extended period of time and that’s just me. I love cars, and having something to get to and from skiing, adventure around in, and tinker with is very important to me.


I considered bringing the Miata, but that’s a pretty bad idea with the leangth of winter and  the amount of lake effect snow they get in the UP. So here’s where you come in.

I need you to give me some ideas on what might be a good college car. Fire away.

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