The number of almost-wrecks caused by kids just darting into the street like it’s Frogger or some shit is unbelievable. Today I had to swerve around this foreign kid because he stopped in the middle of the road waiting for another car to pass in the opposite direction, and later a bus I was riding in had to slam on its brakes because some chick decided that was the best way to cross a busy street was with her nose in her phone. There’s zero sense of self-preservation, it’s just, ‘well, I’m a person, cars have to to stop for me, fuggit” *runs across two-lane road ten feet in front of dually truck and bus*

We need to put the fear of God into these people, man. I went to Italy a few years ago and you had to be smart about crossing the street in Rome because those dudes will not stop for you. We need something similar here in the States, I’m tired of all these idiots. Don’t even get me started on bikers, either.