Today Roflcopter will be taking you through one of his favorite recipes while simultaneously working on homework, eating the food discussed here, and otherwise killing time. We're going to be keeping things super simple today due to the amount of drinking that occurred last night. The dish to be prepared will be Left-Over Sausage Spaghetti with a side of Egg Rolls. Now I understand that not everyone has Sausage Spaghetti laying around from dinner two nights ago, and frankly I don't care, this recipe obviously isn't for you then. The real key to making this come out well is to throw it all on a plate, then stick it in the microwave for a few minutes, or until things seem edible. My personal favorite touch that really finishes off this meal is a nice dousing of parmesan cheese. It brings out the flavor of the pasta while simultaneously hiding the fact that it's almost three days old. Try not to get too much on the egg roll though, they're greasy enough without even more cheese. Might I suggest pairing this meal with a nice can of New Belgium Snapshot Wheat?