I drove my father's BMW to college today to see what driving to school is like, and I finally did my presentation on cars, and millennials.

Driving to college was fairly calm, and I didn't have any issues, despite the occasional pothole that needed to be avoided. it felt a lot smoother than riding the bus, despite the car having much firmer suspension.

I went to a fairly empty part of the parking lot, coincidentally, right in front of the classroom I was presenting in. It was surprisingly empty, and it had an automated ticket system. For my parking for about 3 hours, it cost $6. I brought change for the maximum, $8, in case I stayed longer.

Like I said, it was fairly empty on that part of the lot, so I didn't concern myself with damage as much. I also parked properly, so no asshat BMW references here. I feel driving to school feels a lot better than sitting in a stinky bus, and it is worth the premium. I also caught a bit of rush hour on the way back, but it was fairly civilized, but it didn't take more than 30 minutes of leisurely driving.