Holy shit fuck Kean University. If you live in NJ and are looking at colleges, don't bother looking at Kean. If you want to dorm, living in a dumpster with a homeless man would be a more enjoyable experience than living at Kean. There are 4 separate construction projects going on in the middle of the semester and now they've finally done it, half the power is out around half of the campus' dorms. I'm sitting in my dorm room in the dark because the lights are out and the outlet that my lamp is plugged into doesn't work. It's not worth going to the community room as that light is out too. And outside to get some air? 4 generators are whirring and buzzing, plus the designated area for hanging out is completely dug up and fenced off.

Powers been out for over an hour, and the campus police or residence life has yet to say a word about what's going on.

On the academic side: After this semester, I'll be the only person left in my department and one of two in the entire Earth Science department. So they aren't offering advanced classes one might need to get out. One of my professors is trying to get at least one class approved for just 2 students but it's unlikely. I should've transferred when I had a chance but now I'd lose 3/4ths of my credits.

I've honestly never been so frustrated and finished with something like I am with college. People told me this would be the best part of life. They were wrong, and it's mostly due to the incompetence of people running this unorganized shitshow of a school.