College: Why is it this so hard?

My oldest is a junior in high school, and we are beginning the process of finding a college. Of course, he still doesn’t know what he wants to study, and it took me a year-and-a-half of college to figure it out for myself. I am going to a seminar tonight titled “How to choose the best college for your student and your pocketbook.” This could be interesting.

Having received my undergraduate degree in 1989, I am chagrined at what the college application process has become. Deadbeat, underachieving students with rich parents can pretty much go wherever they want, kids in the top 10% get automatic admission in TX (we are not in the top 10%), taking the SAT has become an arms race fought between competing prep courses and, unless your kid is already a candidate for MENSA, they will have to take a course just to be competitive. Kids have to have a resumé now to apply for college. It’s crazy.


I’ve got two more kids who are three years younger than the first and, assuming they all want to go to college, I could have three kids in college at the same time. I’ve already told them that at least one of them will be joining the Navy. Or maybe the Air Force. They’re going to have to draw straws. Short straw enlists.

One Free Internet for anybody who can tell me where that building is. No cheating. It’s my alma mater.

Thanks to all those who pointed out the giant JMU letters in front of the building (Wilson Hall). I missed that when I chose the shot. 

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