Do you like the new Colorado/Canyon? Want to know what the 2.8 duramax diesel is going to be like? Wish you could get all that as an SUV? Lobby Chevy for the international trailblazer.

Andrew St. Pierre white is a British overland adventurer living in South Africa with 20 plus years of overland travel experience producing a show for that market as well as the owner of a new line of outfitters for that task. To sum up his review? In short he loves it, and frankly I do to. His reviews are typically British, dry and factual while still being interesting somehow but he has a very practical approach that I like. It looks great, its got the right engine, its a very well engineered product and if the reviews that are coming out of the canyorado are any indication it would be a killer competitor to the 4runner. Who's with me? Who wants a new trailblazer?