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Colorado Motorcycle Trip: Day 1

Woke up at 4am, took an Uber to the airport, and took a 6:30 flight from Wichita to Denver. Thus began my weeklong motorcycle trip to Colorado.

Picked up my rental Sportster 1200, my parents’ rental Ultra Classic, and met up with my aunt and uncle who’d rode their BMW K1600GTL from Wichita to Denver.

Rode out of Denver north to Loveland and over to Estes Park. Realized that I would be passing within about 100yds of fellow Opponaut “TheLoudMusic’s” place, so I dropped by to say hi.


The canyon run between Loveland and Estes Park is absurdly gorgeous and, even though the Sportster is a massive pile of flaming garbage compared to my XSR900, it’s still a fantastic way to experience the scenery.


And then it rained.

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