Colorado Motorcycle Trip: Days 4 & 5.

Day 4 was a looooooong day. We climbed Mt. Evans which is by far the sketchiest road I’ve ever ridden, and pushed the Sportster’s (lack of) suspension pretty hard.

It was on the way back down that I discovered the best way to ride the Sportster. I put the bike in neutral and did everything I could to maintain momentum. I had to ride the brakes quite a bit, because I was actually carrying more speed than my uncle on his BMW K1600GTL.


II think we rode about 300 miles total on day 4, covering about 10,000 feet of vertical elevation and multiple 50° temperature swings. Apparently I managed to impress my uncle through one of the passes we ran, because I was going just as hard as him. (RIP pegs, I’m pretty sure I’ve noticeably worn them on both sides from all the peg scraping).

Day 5: today.

I woke up sicker than a dog. We were supposed to be riding to Aspen, but that was never going to happen. To add to the fun, my mom woke up sicker than I did. We’re not sure what the hell we’ve got, but I’ve been sick to my stomach, had terrible muscle stiffness, and a terrible headache which makes me lightheaded when I stand up. So we’re just taking the day off and chilling at the hotel. Hopefully I can kick this misery so we can make it down to Golden tomorrow and tour the Coors plant.

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