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It’s about the truck not the state of course. I went to the MN State Fair and I decided to check out the Chevy display. To my surprise they had a final prototype of the Colorado diesel on display so I talked to a sales rep for details. It will be out as a 2016 1/2. The pricing would be roughly $3500 more for the diesel option. Unless the fools that come up with GM’s options fuck this up (very likely) it’s conceivable that you could get one for sub $30k or at least sub $35k. If I could get one on a cheap trim Ext. cab and RWD of course (the way I’d want it btw). Other info I gleaned off the rep was that they are running the factory at full tilt and in this area at least they are barely able to keep them on the lot. Anyway that's all I got, I didn't ask specs since it will likely be about the same as what the Holden has.

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