I'm really ready to move on from my current job as an engineer at a dyno company. It's a really interesting job most of the time, but I've had it with their organizational issues and culture. I've been looking on my own for a while, and have had some decent leads and interviews recently, but I really feel like the only way to get your resume seen is to have some sort of inside connection, rather than just submitting it through Monster or equivalent websites.

I've got bachelor degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Spanish Language & Lit. I've been the Applications Engineer for the last 4 years, which has given me experience in sales support, estimating, product design, customer support and commissioning.

I'm looking for something in the Front Range, between Castle Rock and Fort Collins. I'd like to stick with measurement, controls and automation, but I'm really open to anything. Just need a change of scenery. Let me know if you know of openings, or have suggestions of where to look.


Here's some snow (since we can't seem to get any real snow here) and a slidey Audi for your time:

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