Due to the twisted logic resulting from years of Top Gear and other bad automotive influences, I think my mad talks of flying places and buying a car for the drive home hit some ears.

A North Carolina band touring in Colorado munched their Sprinter. Rather than renting a vehicle, they followed the suggested 'solution' that mutated from my talks..

They bought this 1982(?) Toyota Huntsman RV and drive 1500 miles back. That's a lot of miles tolerating a group of strangers managing this 4-speed. If you think about how cars typically react to new owners, that's pretty good. So it's ready to gas up and go slo.

So it still has a temporary Colorado tag if you wanted to slap some gopro on it and tour America at 18 mpg which ain't bad considering RV and band.


It's too small to support further touring, so they want to move on ownership.


"I need something with room to swing my axe, if you know what I mean."

pictured: wrong The Huntsman.

Let's just say if I didn't already have a funky weird Japanese pickup I'd be considering it.


Pictured: also the wrong The Huntsman, for comparison.

Example: a different Colorado 1982 Toyota Huntsman. Well, very close, and you see all the stuff, that should be there. Think it is..


I went over the truck briefly and it's pretty good but deep shag carpet may hide something, but didn't find it. . [Colorado joke here]

But this one is $6k and has a dealer stat page on it.

Because I didn't take many pictures of the actual The Toyota Huntsman.

And lazy.

Let's just say it's about very comparable except for shaggier carpet. Good chassis. Compared to the vintage landcruiser madness, an utter bargain.


Price: $4K or negotiable. Pretty much an exclusive till they decide to post something on CL.

..which I can intervene if need be.

paging Torchinsky