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Columbo is Effin' Awesome

I just started watching this show on Netflix. I'd seen a handful of episodes over the years, but could never get into it. I knew he was a homicide detective. I knew he drove a ratty Peugeot. And I figured since it was an older show there would be some classic steel. Well when the show deals with mostly affluent people committing murders, you get some really awesome cars.

It seems just about everybody owns a 365GTB or an E-type. And they see action. Cornelius tried escaping the police in his Daytona. Columbo was revving a suspects E-type to aggravate him. Sadly in the episode I'm currently watching they just pushed a yellow E-type over a ledge.


There a tons of classic luxobarges, British luxury, but then there was the Grosser. I'm not sure if it was an actual Big but it had that epic horn.


If you ever discounted this show for whatever reasons, I suggest you give it a try. This has the Agrajag Seal of Approval.

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