Just got back from the Columbus Auto Show. No pictures this year as I had a very excited toddler who I had to keep track of. Got to see the new Hyundai Kona. Really nice little car, a lot bigger on the inside than it looks. Hyundai in general has a really nice line up.

The new Ranger was there and it looks great. The best feature was even though it was a full Fx4 Lariat, it wasn’t nearly as tall as Colorado or even the Tacoma. Ford has a winner with this for sure, the anti bro dozer.


The Regal TourX was lovely. Huge wagon end, enough to fit a week’s worth of luggage for 4 people easily and the interior was really good for the price point.

The best car there though was a new Ram 1500 Limited. It looks great! Less bulky and blocky looking than Ford or GM, doesn’t look like a transformer. It actually had a subtlety about it that really stood out, especially among the current Rams. The interior though is what does it for the Ram though. Probably the best interior until you get to full luxury cars like an E class or Lexus LS. Extremely soft but substantial leather, the stitch work on the doors was really well done, lots of soft touch surfaces and leather, the car even smelled like fresh leather, not plastic.


Ram might have really set a precedent with a full blown luxury truck. If they can step up the reliability, it will really be the truck to beat.