Column Shift People, Halp!

Last year a spacer inside my steering column expatriated to the ground, and since I was lazy, the situation ended in my shift collar and column flange literally grinding each other into dust with every shift, seen above. Now I have new parts, but they don’t fit! What to do...


The truck is a 1965 Ford F-100 3-spd manual and those are the new parts from LMC Truck. I believe the male shift collar (left) rotates inside the female column flange (right), but I’m not 100% sure since the parts I took out were far beyond “worn”.

Here they are, pressed together as tight as I dared push- they don’t appear to fit. I asked on the book face, posted on a forum, and phoned LMC, all with no luck.


I feel like I have two options here: file and sand down the shift collar until it fits the flange well, or try to find OEM used parts at possibly great effort and cost. Do any of you have experience you’d like to share about column shifters?

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