ComC Strut Tops: For the Gainz

Picked up some KCA 409's as a calculated half measure to get some extra performance out of my stock struts.


Forums indicate I’ll gain about half a degree of negative camber and caster. That extra half degree will get my camber balance where I want it to be F/R and then we’ll see if I was right about that being a good way to bring balance to the force (REX)

Some people have had issues with clunking from the bearing binding up with the conical washer on the top of the strut, but it looks like I’ve lucked out and gotten the new design with a fully metal shielded bearing.


Fingers crossed I don’t really want to have to tear this apart and pay for multiple alignments.

For those interested here’s what a maxed out stock alignment looks like and it’ll show why I think these are important and useful.


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