About 2-3 weeks ago I drained out my trans fluid, and put in what the counter guy assured me was a good substitute for what I had entered the store searching for. Derp. It turned out to be a bad choice. Although everything felt smoother overall, it was like the 1-2 gear syncro had practically disappeared compared to before I changed fluid. Apparently GL-5 fluid with GL-4 compatibility is not the same as GL-4. I ordered new fluid early last week after researching what fluid seems to be a good match more thoroughly. (Bonus is that apparently the Royal Purple the counter guy recommended may be corrosive to brass syncros.)

I leave for a vacation this evening, and it will drive me crazy not knowing if the new fluid helps the 1-2 gear feel more like it used to.

My only hope is getting the fluid before I get home for my lunch break. So come on FedEx, you can do it. You already pushed back the scheduled delivery one day.

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