i got a call for extended car warranty coverage.

Me: o what car are you calling about?

them: what ever call you have

me o i thought it was for a specific car i owned

them: no we’ll work with anything

me: ok great 2014 pontiac GTO

them: ok great, it looks like we cover that model let me transfer you to a specialist


me: FFS ok sure (i’ll waste their time too)

Specialist confirms they cover my car and asks some questions about it is it in good shape and shit yep


me: did you check your database to see if that model is covered cuz its a rare model

specialist: yep

me you know Pontiac as a company was killed off in 2010 right?

specialist : yep

me and you will still cover my 2014 model year?

specialist: yep and if you act today we can give you the lowest cost possible but there are no call backs, this deal is for today only


me: click

have a GTO with what i’d guess could be 2014 hp

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