Come with me to Bob's Shanghai 66!

On Saturday I did too much eating. My final stop of the day was at Bob’s Shanghai 66. It’s been around forever, and is a square room with bright lights, and a kitchen behind a plexiglass both. CASH ONLY.

The picture above is approaching “downtown” Rockville, Maryland, USA where Rockville Pike (MD Route 355) and Veirs Mill Rd (MD Route 586) meet. It is a complicated intersection. I was just like, I dig this sunset maaannn.


I had been meaning for a while to go to Bob’s Shanghai 66 with my friend this weekend, but I could never get him to tell me a time, because it was his bday on Sunday and a bunch of people wanted to do stuff with him. Finally Saturday afternoon he told me he could do dinner that night, late-ish.

When my friend texted me about this, I had already been to a good Thai place at lunch with my mom where I got one too many appetizers, really two too many since one is ok with lunch unless you’re going to also have a bigass dinner then you wouldn’t have any lunch appetizers!

Nevertheless, I persisted since I’d been wanting to go to Bob’s so I agreed to meet him there at 8 pm, which was fine by me since I needed to not eat anything for a while.


I had the eggplant & mushroom hot pot, and the yu choi with garlic, and veggie dumplings, and scallion pancake, and tea, and beer, and some coconut bubble drink for dessert. I did not take pictures of everything.


I just noticed from this picture that the plate was chipped. My friend had his other stuff too. We had not even close to enough room at our 2-top table.


We ended up hanging outside chatting for a while because it was super nice out and the restaurant was getting ready to close up. I took this pic of the moon, and, well, an apartment building too.


Oh and gratuitous car butt shot.


I’m pretty dang happy* with the quality of the camera on my Essential PH-1. Between this and the pics I got at C&C this is actually a noticeable step up from the camera on my Galaxy S7E.

* The stock camera app is trash quality in low light, but with the port of the Google camera app from the Pixel phones, the PH-1 can take very respectable photos. I have to use the Essential camera app for gimmicks like portrait mode or B&W shots with the secondary sensor.

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