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Comic-Con Trailers

I’ve never been to Comic-Con, but I can watch movie trailers on Youtube. And I have. And I want to talk about some of them. So here goes.

Kong: Skull Island:

I’m talking about this one first because it’s the one that surprised me most. I knew almost nothing about this movie and wasn’t expecting a trailer at all, so just seeing it was a surprise. Every shot in this trailer looks beautiful. I am 100% on board with this trend of action movies directed by independent directors. And that’s not to mention the stellar cast. Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman (who was fantastic in 10 Cloverfield Lane if you haven’t already seen it).


Justice League:

This was such an odd trailer. The structure was weird, and I have absolutely no idea what the movie’s about. Batman needs to assemble a team because King Arthur buried a shield in the woods? I liked the humor in the Flash scene, but Bruce Wayne’s “team assembling” speech was cheesy and derivative of Nick Fury’s Avengers speech. I also hate the costume design on the Flash and Cyborg. The Flash has like 40 different pieces to his costume, and Cyborg’s costume looks more like an alien robot or something.


Wonder Woman:

In contrast, I thought the Wonder Woman trailer was... wonderful? I still think Gal Gadot is too dainty for Wonder Woman, but her acting looks good, and I completely buy her in the action scenes, which look fantastic. Check out the cool cuts starting at 1:38.


Arthur: the legend of the stone or something: <—-Actual Title*

This was another odd trailer, tonally. It starts out exciting and dramatic with the running and the British voicover. Then it awkwardly transitions to comedic with the “tell me everything” stuff, and then back to serious with the foreboding dream sequences and “you’re becoming a legend *WINK* *WINK*” It’s directed by Guy Ritchie, who I only know from the two Sherlock Holmes movies with Robert Downey Jr. I watched them long enough ago to remember liking them, I think? Killer score too:

The LEGO Batman Movie:

This trailer was almost violently delightful. I loved the LEGO Movie, and this looks every bit as good. Will Arnett has the perfect voice for Batman, and I’m intrigued at Zach Galafinakis as the Joker. He’ll still be better than Jared Leto.


Sherlock Season 4:

My. Body. Is. Ready. The Abominable Bride was very disappointing, and I’m eager to see more of Sherlock and John being themselves, not dumb guy who can’t see through a blatantly obvious fake mustache and dumb guy who is sexist and scared of Russians guy. Respectively. I’m praying Moriarty is still alive. The world needs more Andrew Scott; he just oozes charisma and personality. All the Sherlock staples are here + beard, and it’s coming out in ohmyGOD2017?!?!?! We need an opposite wayback machine for the internet.


American Gods:

Color me intrigued Batman! The only book by Neil Gaiman I’ve read is The Ocean at the end of the Lane, which is fantastic by the way, but nonetheless this looks interesting.



Another show based on a property i know nothing about that drew me in with an interesting trailer! It looks well acted, the visuals are beautiful, and the vfx look top notch.


So what do you think of these trailer, huh? Were there any I missed? (yes, there were) Comment below, let me kno - wait who am I?

*not actual title

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