I think I have a story at this point, tell me what you think:

Ben Thompson is a psychotic killer. He holds no value to human life, all he knows is killing. As a boy he didn’t receive any affection or have any friends. Until now he kind of just led his life confused on what love was and finally snapped. He shoots down nine children at a playground and paralyzes a responding police officer when he shoots him in the spine.


He is caught after a car chase and sentenced to death. The officer he injured made a case for keeping him alive, as he believes in forgiveness but the jury rules otherwise. Ben is killed by lethal injection.

He sees a light as he is dying, it turns out to be the light of day as he is born... as a golden retriever puppy. Ben is a little groggy, after the whole dying and being reborn thing and as a result is very limp, and not very active, as newborn puppies are. As time goes on he begins to remember who he is. At the realization that he doesn’t understand other lives he begins peeing on things that he isn’t supposed to, and biting every human he comes in contact with. He barks all night long, because he knows the humans don’t like him for it. He is determined to make humans suffer while he is a dog, he also plans to finish off the police officer the next time he sees him. But for the first time he experiences affection. Despite all he is doing to hurt these people they simply keep loving him. This new experience of being loved unconditionally changes Ben. He begins to be a good dog, doing what he is told and learning not to defecate everywhere. It’s not an easy transition, but over time he gets the hang of it, and begins to show affection back to his human companions.


Ben doesn’t know this yet, but he is being trained as a service dog. He doesn’t know it because he doesn’t know this upbringing from a normal puppyhood since he’s never been a dog before. He is trained as a service dog and is given to the officer he shot as his assistant. At first Ben has flashback and wants to kill the police officer. He barks and lunges at him, but his trainers hold him back and calm him. This brings Ben back to his new self and he greets the officer nicer. He remembers that he wanted to forgive him and he feels that he can forgive him back, even though he has nothing to put against him.

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