Coming home form tennis practice today, I performed my usual driving ritual. From my club to my home, there are two routes. one is 4 miles long, but boring an always full of traffic, the other is 6.5 miles long and on many occasions, very empty. I always take the long way home, regardless of the stuff I have to do after practice.

This road includes a straightaway that runs through a park that is exactly one mile long. Almost no one takes this road, since after the mile- long straightaway, there's a sharp set of uphill turns, which makes it quite long in contrast to the other very straight road.

As I get on this road, I drop the car in to 1st, slow down to about 10 mph, and then I nail it. Held it till 5000RPM in 1st, and then slammed it in to 2nd.

Now in 2nd, I decided "why not see if I can hit 60 in 2nd gear?" Guess what? you can, but VERY high in the RPM range.

How high? well my redline's 6000, and I shifted at almost 7000.... Here's the thing; due to the cold weather, the 2L TSI packs a lot of wallop in the midrange, and runs amazingly! Over 5500RPM? not so much... You can feel the car topping off, and the surge of acceleration is gone, until you go for 3rd and keep accelerating!


Do all turbo cars do this stuff? If so, I might just go N/A or supercharged next time around....