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Cars certainly are a pain in the ass. They demand all your time, all your money, then ask for more. And that’s why I’ve gone and bought myself one of the most sensible, practical and reliable vehicles offered for sale in recent years.

Wait, no...I’ve got that all wrong. What I meant to say was, I’ve bought a 2008 BMW M5, and it is none of those things. And that’s why I’ve purchased it.

The fuel mileage is, at best, half of what I was getting before. It’s already demanding maintenance. The cold-start, I’m certain, wakes up people in the next town. It despises cold weather, which we have quite a bit of where I live. At any point, it could all go horribly wrong. And I’m completely in love.


I am working on a longer, more in-depth piece to post here soon, but this will have to do for now. I had planned a series of write-ups, as things go along. But I’m not certain I will be visiting this site much longer, as for the third time I have been soft-banned by the spineless imbeciles that edit the main site. Apparently they don’t like me very much, and to be honest I dislike them quite a bit at this point so I suppose we’re even. I’m a better writer than all of them anyway. I do enjoy reading Oppo from time to time, and perhaps I will stick around here.

I had always wanted to share the experiences I’ve had with an interesting vehicle on here, and now that I finally own one again, my intent is to entertain at least a few of you. Hopefully you will see this piece soon.

Until then - don’t let anyone tell you that your car should be practical. That is basically communism, after all.

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