I went out to the Garrison Brothers Distillery w/ a few friends today and we bottled some bourbon. This is special stuff. Bourbon BECOMES bourbon when it goes into the barrel. This bourbon was put into the barrel on November 16, 2012, which was a Friday - Opening Day at COTA. The other 2 guys I was bottling with have also been at COTA from the beginning.

So, today we dumped the barrels, added hill country rainwater to proof the liquor to 92 proof (46% ABV), and put it in bottles. Due to state liquor laws, they’ll have to ship these bottles to the distributor who will then ship them to the liquor store by my house where I can go pick them up. After that, it’s off to the engraver to laser etch some stuff on the bottles.

There was a lot of sampling going on today, and this stuff is delicious.

Dump the barrel into the stainless steel pot
Add Hill Country rain water to dilute the liquor to 92 proof
Put the bourbon in the bottle


Put a cork in it!
Write the barrel and bottle information on the bottle


Barrel 4229 (yield: 12 bottles) ready for sealing
Seal the bottle neck in silver wax


The finished product (stock image)