Coming Up on One Year and 45,000 Miles

Just a few days away from the one year anniversary of purchasing the WK2. To think it had 31,619 miles on it when I put my signature down (currently at 76,189 miles). So far I’ve spent just under $2,200 over the year to maintain this rig at 100 percent. That means upkeep is just under $0.05 per mile.

I did spend $1,079 in November on the Michelins and will see 90,000 miles on them, so next September the charge won’t show up but I’m expecting to have a couple of larger maintenance or repair items that will even it out. Either way, it’s still cheaper than my Kia Rio which was costing me just under $0.06 a mile (and rising) during that last 100,000 mile portion of its life.


I just really like having all my vehicles in a condition that allows me to take any of them on a 1,000 mile road trip AND be sold the same day. Love driving more though...

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