Comment on a potential next car ( and make recommendations)

We decided to return the our WRX leases on Saturday (although we could have extended them for 6 months), we are getting a 2007 Honda Fit base with 5sp manual and 44000 miles for $2000 from my wife’s uncle. Then, we are actively looking for a car for mostly my wife, but for me as well to drive to Denver once per week. I am guessing circa 10000 miles per year will be added to the car, because we will have the Fit and the 2000 Tundra for other duties.

So what car are we getting? My plan is entry-level luxury, sedan/wagon/CUV, AWD, 2016+, under 40000 miles, $17000-$25000, automatic, and something with enough pep to at least be fun. Something CPO, or maybe something where we can buy extended warranty.


We haven’t decided on a car yet - wife really wants a CUV, and this will be her car once I get my Abarth again, but I asked her to be open minded and to consider sedans as well. My three top contenders are:

1. Acura TLX, 2016+, V6 SH-AWD, with 290hp. Wife would rather have #2 because it is CUV though, but I think she might be enticed with the speed of the TLX. Crazy good specs for low $20-ish grand.


2. Acura RDX, 2016+, V6 AWD, with 279hp. This seems to be her number one option. Probably similar to the TLX in many aspects. I wish we could get a newer, beak-less model, but we want to be fiscally responsible.

3. Lexus GS350 F Sport AWD, but I would have to get 2013+ to stay in the budget and miles. Because it is Lexus and I trust that a low-mile 7 year Lexus won’t break, and because I want those red leather seats, and I think this might be the most comfortable option, I might be willing to overlook the model year. I could get 2015 in my budget as well, but probably not F Sport.


You’d be surprised what else can be had in this range. BMW 328xi, BMW 528Xi, BMW X1, BMW X3, Audi A3/A4/Q3/Q5, Volvo S60, MB C300, Lexus NX, Lexus IS (even 3.5L v6 models), Lincols, Land Rovers, Jags.. I think I even saw a Volvo S90 right at the limit of my budget.

Oppo, considering this is mainly a car for my wife for next 6-10 years, we have no kids and our giant dogs are transported in our Tundra anyway, considering we’ll also have the Fit for running around town until I trade it for an Abarth as soon as we can, what would you get that is automatic/2016+/$17-25k/reliable/AWD??

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