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Commenters can be grayed...

but is there any way that we can choose select bloggers to show up as gray until we approve them? Some of the shit that gets passed off as legitimate around here is repulsive, and frankly, I'm getting a bit tired of it. With all the sidebar cross marketing, it is too easy to end up accidentally straying into the intellectual wastelands and getting pissed off at what lies in wait there. I mean, "racism bad, racist killer cop kills, racist team owner is bad man, Kill all the racists! 100 worst white men, ranked." Shit, racism is racism, white black indian mexican arabic, doesn't fucking matter. Yes there are bad people out there, many are white, many are black etc, etc, ek set er fuckin rah.

If you are going to all the trouble to protect us from commenters, can we at least get some protection from the staff as well?


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