Commercial Nitpick

Recently on television and Youtube, BMW has been showing an ad featuring the 6 series GC

Besides driving low profile tires on back roads, do you see anything wrong?

Well even though it is a damn commercial, I have some airing of grievances for this ad. You may know the shuttle fleet has been retired for quite a while. Even my less than space aware friends know it does not fly anymore. Woah right?! If you’re an aerospace buff, you may curse at where the shuttle is launching. Over the 135 missions the shuttles has done, none have launched from the desert. It has landed at Edwards AFB but that’s about it.


If BMW was in an alternate universe, it could have launched from another site like this.

Illustration for article titled Commercial Nitpick

This is Vandenberg SLC-6. The USAF launch site that was constructed and test fitted with Enterprise. Initially meant for DOD launches and polar orbits, Vandenberg was supposed to be inaugurated with Discovery around 1986 I think for a polar orbit. SLC-6 and Discovery were designated in the long run as the west coast shuttle. Following the loss of Challenger, all Department of Defense recon satellite launches and polar orbit flights were deep sixed. This resulted in a mothballed SLC-6 and the reorganization of Discovery from being a west coast shuttle. If the loss of Challenger had been avoided polar orbits and more exotic payloads might have made way for the shuttle program.

The only last thing I have to note is that the shuttle ascent profile looks like a RTLS or TAL is bound to happen.

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