Common Sensical

Political Leanings ahead. Be warned:

That’s me, at age five, at the Richland Mall in Johnstown, PA.

I’ve never been offended by the rebel flag. I understand its origins - the battle flag for a northern Virginia division of the Confederate Army - and how it has long been used as a symbol to terrorize and dehumanize anyone who isn’t a white Christian.


I think that the only place my tax dollars should be used to display it is in a museum. It’s the banner of the champions of a lost cause and any argument about “Heritage,” needs to be framed in the context of the true cause of the Civil War: Rich white southerners who wanted to keep their money and power so badly that they were willing to sacrifice an entire nation to do it.

With that said, I find it kind of sad that TVLand has pulled the Dukes of Hazzard. I loved that show as a kid. As an adult, I see the flag on that show as something that just was without any connotation.

Private companies have the right to do with their property anything they like. I won’t ever defend or even acknowledge butthurt white guys who think their lives are worse because the flag isn’t flying at a state house.

But damn if I won’t miss the orange Charger jumping streams.

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