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Commute encounters--Hump Day Oppopoll

Post annoyances, amusements, wtf moments that occur repeatedly on your commutes.

Mine is this dude.


In addition to the handy chart, he’d be beaten in a drag race by a glacier. I get it, a Spark ain’t fast... but I KNOW they can accelerate faster than that. PLEASE get going. There’s a long line of people who can’t even take their foot off the brake and roll behind you as you consider dragging your ass up to speed, because you using 1% of your power is them using 0.5% of theirs. ESPECIALLY SINCE HE GOES STRAIGHT FOR THE LEFT LANE. I don’t mean turns and makes his way over immediately, I mean LITERALLY turns DIRECTLY into the left lane.

Worst part... he works down the street from me, and follows my route to the letter all the way from the highway. Comes in and goes out at similar times to me. So I get to see this rolling snot-box a LOT.

Now you.

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