Commuter car suggestions

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I am looking to purchase a commuter vehicle to replace my current Hyundai Santa Fe beater.


A little bit about my driving habits. I drive 25k miles a year for work and leisure. Living on Lake Superior makes for very harsh and long winters. I have done fine with a fwd and snow tires, only getting stuck twice *hooning related*. My commute to work is 72 mile round trip on back roads and gravel.

My wish list for new vehicle.

  • Highway mpg 27 or better
  • Comfortable
  • Safety rating and airbags is a big concern
  • Awd preferably but I can make do with fwd
  • Under 20k

I bought a Subaru Outback for my fiancé, enjoy driving it and the mpg is much better then the Hyundai. This has me looking at newer subarus 2013 and newer, would prefer the newer motor and amenities. Besides the subarus I also been eyeing up used luxury cars and impressed with what’s around. The Lexus GS awd, vw cc 2.0 or vr6 awd.


Anything else I should be looking at?

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