Commuting by car sucks the life out of the fun of having a car

Considering how much commuting by car can corrupt a person, I’d rather have most people go around using public transport.


(Nevermind the fact that Japan and the EU have brilliant public transport and still get to make to-die-for cars.)


Driving is supposed to be fun. Driving all the fucking time to the meat grinder is not. Trains are better at shuttling most people for fewer resources, and most cars on the road have just the driver in them anyway. Honestly, this is why I find self-driving cars silly, even if I understand that a car grants a level of privacy, comfort, convenience and control that public transport can’t give (and they can). Rail networks can be made to run autonomously; same with buses and trams.

We’re supposed to drive free. And yes, that includes commuting to work or school or third place. But with the level of congestion we’re experiencing, are we driving free? That defeats the point of car ownership.

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