It may not have been clear from earlier posts, but I haven’t needed to drive to work since 2012. A combination of Boston public transit and my trusty Bianchi Volpe have been my primary source of transportation for almost five years at this point. Well, recently I accepted a job outside the city that would require a commute of about 15 miles each way, a bit further than I’d be able to bike regularly. Add to that our current attempts to save up for a house, and the fun but thirsty BMW sadly had to go. Allow me to introduce my new commuting buddy:

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I test drove several cars, but the Fit felt the most...joyful. With a stick this car is loads of fun, even though it’s in no way fast. A few minor mods are going to come together a bit later, including a rear sway bar, new stereo, and some little doodads.


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