Comp has this neato camshaft selection software: it displays whatever cam you want as long as it’s a comp cam.

It also crashes alot. Must refresh frequently. More importantly: with all my info inputted, it gives me an expected dyno for the cam I have in mind (while also reaffirming my choice):

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That does not indicate if that is gross or net HP, but hot damn. I am really curious to see what this bad boy can make with just a cam. 260 HP from a 403 sounds much more accurate than 185. Peak torque is moved from 300 Lb/ft at 2200 to 408 @2500, which is still kinda low. I think given the stock ports, I am kind of stuck with this. Oh well, 260 will make me a happy boi.

Will be bleeding my brakes today.


Interesting note: kinja won’t let me imbed youtube right now. wtf

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