I got bored, so I figured I would configure some compact luxury wagons that are currently on sale and see how they compare. I tried to configure all of these with similar equipment, and relevant "sport packages" for proper Jalopness.

Audi Allroad Premium Plus (MSRP as configured 45,300) While I personally do not consider this a wagon because the ride height is too damn high. Audi calls it a wagon and the rest of the car world calls it a wagon. It also still looks damn good.

Not bad for 220hp/ 258 tq, rear-biased AWD and a widened track similar to the RS4. I just wish I could get over that wheel gap.

BMW 328 Touring Sport Line (MSRP as configured 49,775)


I want to love you BMW, you look good you got the moves but I can't get 3 pedals. Would it really be too much to ask for a special order?

Volvo V60 T6 R-design (MSRP as configured 47,325)


The cargo area is a little disappointing, but for about the same price as the others you can have 325hp and 354 tq. While I wouldn't call that a wagon bargain, the Volvo seems to offer the most for the money.

Of course I am too broke to buy any of these. :(