Comparing a few dimensions

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I like small cars. I drive one and intend to drive another when I move on from my Golf. They’re easy to park, light, tossable, get good gas mileage, and generally good in cities, particularly when you have to parallel park. Here’s a comparison of dimensions of my car versus one very specific small car I’m eyeing. Figures are from wikipedia and google, if wikipedia doesn’t have a figure.


1996 VW Golf No Lowballers I Know What I’ve Got, versus 2013 Mazda2:

Wheelbase: 97.4" vs. 98"

Length: 160.4" vs. 156"

Width: 66.7" vs. 66.7"

Height: 56.2" vs. 58.1"

Cargo volume with rear seats down: 52.7 cf vs. 27.8 cf... That can’t be right, can it?


Curb weight: 2600ish lbs stock? Who really knows? vs. 2288.4 lbs per wikipedia. Light!

Horsepower: 115 crank (probably like 80 WHP) vs. 100 crank HP (probably 90 ish whp, forums have dyno sheets saying 97 WHP bone stock)


Guess what I’ll be test driving next week? Anybody have questions or things I should look at?

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