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New Supra vs. 2019 mustang GT

Illustration for article titled comparison time

Illustration for article titled comparison time

So, formatting, Kinja doesn’t allow comparison lists to be side by side (at least I couldn’t figure this out). So.. Supra will be on left, Mustang on right. Supra we will be comparing the straight six version that has been announced

  1. Horsepower: 335 vs. 460
  2. Seating: 2 vs. 4
  3. Transmission: automatic only vs both
  4. 0-60: 4.1 vs. “under four seconds”
  5. Base Price: $49,990 vs. $35,355

Now, the supra gets a bmw interior, which I believe will be super nice (the 7 series BMW was the nicest I’ve ever sat in) but you can get the GT in whatever flavor you want, and still have money to buy an old celica supra. Will the supra handle better on a track? Probably. Will I ever take it on a track? Fuck no! and I am guessing an optioned-up supra will enter GT350 territory, where questionable performance differences disappear in a puff of smoke.


Why should I be interested again?

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