Announcement to the Good Denizens of Mallcrawlia! Presenting a fair quantity of bits and bobs on the Compass 4x2 Mall Crawler Edition. Gather ‘round ye Fire of Mopar this fine evening!

Behold ye signature styling cue of ye Limited trim, a chromed wraparound character line. Black contrasting roof is also limited to Limited. Upscale vibe warmly remindeth us of our wealthier neighbours in Evoqueshire!
Standalone 19” wheel upgrade shall suit thine poseur aspirations as thou crawleth ye local mall or public house. Thou shalt accept increased risk of damage to Carriage and Ego from farm ruts, border walls and stray cattle. Increased ride harshness compareth not to thy horse-drawn cart of olde!
Lavish thine hungry eyes on yet another trinket! Behold thine chromed exhaust tips, in a monumental quantity of Two. Forget not, Limited be thine Carriage, but ye actual model name is unknown to all goodfellow peasantry thou leaveth behind on thine glorious travels. Absent be any “4x4" label, as only two Mopar cattle sacrifice their noble lives in creation of thine Carriage instead of four.
Another bauble, ye mirror turn indicators do bathe themselves in golden light, with bars equal in quantity to golden ingots amassed in thy domicile.
Uppity peasantry need not be full of themselves, for we assure thee all trims of Compass available in Mallcrawlia feature ye proud Jeep brand on each mirror!

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