Oh look, they are going to make a Trailhawk version, and you can even price it out. Thanks Jeep Brazil!

via Allpar

Looks like the drivertain will be straight carryover with the Renegade.

I’ve come to two conclusions so far:

1. I like it. It’s basically a renegade mechanically which I like. plus I Think it looks like it always should have.

2. I’m pretty sure its sole existence is to upsell features that would seem out of place on a renegade to people who aren’t interested in the Cherokee.

I’m not sure how the B to C segment size difference pays off but I do worry that an overtaxed Tigershark 2.4 is going to be even more burdened here.


Price is 149,990 Real or $46,416 but comparing it to the price of a renegade Trailhawk there and here, I would guess it’s going to end up being about $29,000 or about 3 grand more than a Renegade Trailhawk.