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Complaining About Things [POLITICS]

59 Chevy known to the internet as Suspicious Vampire Car.
59 Chevy known to the internet as Suspicious Vampire Car.
Photo: Reddit (Fair Use)

So there may not actually be a lot of “politics” in this post, but because America is super polarized and everything, including basic human rights/general wellbeing, is considered political I labeled it as such.


Me, my roommate, and his girlfriend went up to visit my neighbors a week ago (Thursday), a friendly hello how’ve you been situation. We played some video games, ate amazing sloppy joes, and had a hoot and holler. Last night at 11:00PM we were informed that one of said neighbors has been exposed to a colleague on a daily basis who just tested positive for COVID. Now we’re all locked down, so that’s fun.

I’m not too bothered by it, I hadn’t planned on going out anyways. I’m living off the dust in my pantry because buying food at the local Florida Walmart is literally suicide. My plan is still to drive from FL to MD on the 26th, which is exactly 2 weeks from yesterday. The only question now is if I’m going back to FL to... well... not die... Sooner or later I’ll have no choice. School will reopen and I won’t be able to put off the inevitable, but I’m not exactly looking forward to it anymore.


My roommate is bummed because his parents were going to come down to visit next week and now that’s up in the air. But he understands the severity of the situation. His parents are in the high risk category, and while it’d be nice to see them, it’s not worth catching COVID over. It’s my roommate’s girlfriend, however, who’s having a hard time grasping why she should call off of work for at least a week, if not two, just to play it safe. She doesn’t have to pay rent, my roommate is at no shortage of supplying her for a week. Financially, we’re pretty set and squared away. We have everything we need to stay home the next two weeks, which was kind of already the plan. I’d be mooching of my family down in MD, and my roommate would’ve mooched off his when they drove down here.

Now, it’s still very very very VERY unlikely any of us have it. Once we find out if my upstairs neighbor tests positive we’ll know for sure. He’ll be getting tested soon, though it’s 8 hour lines and week long waits for test results, meaning that, more likely than not, you’ll show clear symptoms of COVID by the time your test comes back positive. They’ve also been taking precautions, my neighbor has worn his mask at work, so they’re not taking this lightly either.

I’m keeping on high alert, and if I get even a symptom of COVID I’ll nix the trip home (no beach week for me, which was my original intention). I’m incredibly pissed at anyone who hasn’t felt the need to wear a mask. I wish there was a law that allowed people to smack anyone without one on in public, simply because their face is exposed.

But hey, at least we can “Apply All” our citations to photos now. Sure, I only have one, but now if I take a big collection of photos (which will likely happen if I drive up to MD or during the Oppo Rally) it’ll be a lot easier to give credit. Huzzah! One good thing today!


Stay safe folks. Wear a ——ing mask.

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