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Today was a big day. I had an 8am appointment at the DMV for the Exocet. I got there at 7:45. I got right in, I got right up to the window, and then things went as you would expect. The term “Your Mileage May Vary” has never been more true!

The last time I went to the DMV (for my other car), the clerk barked at me for handing her too much paperwork at once and she wanted it one at a time. This time, I got barked at for not handing her my paperwork all at once.


She was convinced she could do it without looking up the memo (despite having never done it before) but almost immediately hit roadblocks. After about an hour of walking back and forth and getting supervisors, they finally took my advice and looked up the memo on how to do it. They then stepped right through without any issues lickety split.

They assigned the serial number as the VIN in the paperwork and handed me a temp tag. They mentioned that the process has changed a bit since it first started and that (at least in my case, YMMV), a CHP trip isn’t necessary - just a VIN check by the DMV or licensed checker, B&L, and smog.

Illustration for article titled Complete! Er... sort of.

When I got home, I went back to my day job work until 5pm when I jumped over to the Exocet. I threw the mirrors on, windshield wiper, refilled the coolant (put a new gasket on water inlet), put the hood back on, adjust the brake light switch, and backed it out of the driveway!


The plan was to back it out of the driveway, and if that went well, take it around the block, and if that went well, go fill the gas tank.

I got it halfway out of the driveway.

I heard the fenders rub and immediately pulled back into the garage. That’s when I heard a familiar sound.

One of the coolant lines that I worked around had come loose and it wasspewing a good amount of coolant. Well - there’s always tomorrow night!

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